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Suggested Vendor List

The following is our suggested vendor list.  Under each section, vendors are listed without order of preference.  The authenticity committee of the 23rd Virginia, with the assistance of the unit commander, scrutinized each vendor and selected those listed on the basis of the perceived quality of their products.  Additions to this list can be submitted by any unit member for the authenticity committee’s consideration.  We encourage any vendor who offers products of documented period style, material, and manufacture to request inclusion on this list. 

Vendor contact information is listed at the bottom of this page for ease of update.  Notify the 23rd Virginia Infantry Web Master to update vendor contact information.


1.  Tim Allen - high quality slouch hats and caps.

2.  Dirty Billy’s Emporium - very good quality slouch hats and caps.  Ensure you only purchase a finished product.

3.  C. J. Daley Historical Reproductions - Confederate, and 1858 Federal, Hardee hats.

4.  Greg Starbuck - very good quality caps.

5.  Carter & Jasper Authentic Mercantile - caps.

6.  Clearwater Hat Company - slouch hats.

7.  Artifakes - Hardee hats.  

8.  Tuckahoe Trading Company - Starbuck caps, kepi


1.  County Cloth - the most authentic Confederate patterns.


1.  County Cloth - jean, satinet, kersey, osnaburg.

2.  Family Heirloom Weavers - various jean. 

3.  B&B Tart - various jean.


1.  County Cloth - several styles of Confederate Depot issue.

2.  C. J. Daley Historical Reproductions - while he specializes in Federal uniforms, he does assemble County Cloth kits as well as produce jackets made to order.  Delivery times are acceptable and workmanship and overall quality are excellent.

3.  Carter & Jasper Authentic Mercantile - federal and Confederate trousers, Richmond Depot and Columbus Depot jackets. Hand finished goods of very good to excellent quality.

4.  B&B Tart - Richmond Depot and North Carolina Jackets and Depot trousers.  Excellent quality sumac and logwood dyed jeans.  Workmanship and overall quality good to very good.  Some have experienced long delivery times in the past.

5.  Butch Meyers - County Cloth patterns and cloth.  Delivery times can be long and prices are a little above average.  Workmanship is very good.  

6. Tuckahoe Trading Company - CS

7. Quarter Master Shop - CS, Union

8. Bureau of Clothing - good quality material, fast turn around.


AND TROUSER CONSTRUCTION (These vendors will construct your item from materials sent by you)

1.  C. J. Daley Historical Reproductions

2.  Mike Hendricks  

3.  The Richmond Depot

4.  Mike Rippl

5.  Pauline Swingle

7.  Brenda Baugher - see 10th Virginia unit members list  


1.  County Cloth - many patterns and styles.

2.  NJ Sekela - “Civilian” shirt.  The Watchdog reported “. . . this garment is one of the best bargains in reproduction clothing . . .”

3.  Carter & Jasper Authentic Mercantile - great quality shirts.

4.  Nancy Eddins - very good to excellent quality in materials and workmanship.  Delivery times are average. Prices are average to slightly above average.

5.  The Richmond Depot - Confederate military and civilian varieties.  Delivery times for these items are somewhat long but materials and workmanship are above average while prices are average.

6.  C. J. Daley Historical Reproductions - Federal shirts.

7.  County Cloth - several styles of shirts and shirt kits.

8.  Mike Rippl -

9.  Also see those listed under jacket and trouser construction.


1.  Nancy Eddins - Items are very good to excellent quality in materials and workmanship.  Delivery times are average.  Prices are average to slightly above average.

2.  The Richmond Depot - Limited production at this time.  Garments are hand finished with antique glass or bone buttons.  Drawers are made of medium weight cotton.  Delivery times are somewhat long but materials and workmanship are above average while prices are average.

3.  C. J. Daley Historical Reproductions - Federal drawers.

4.  County Cloth - Cotton drawers in kit form only.

5.  Mike Rippl -


1.  Missouri Boot and Shoe Co. - Shoes and boots.  Long delivery time but quality and workmanship is great. Prices slightly high, but well worth the extra money as well as the wait.

2.  C & D Jarnagin - Federal Bootee is the only acceptable footwear they offer.  Average to above average quality.  Make sure you get them double pegged.  Delivery time acceptable.


1.  Kathy Kleinman - Hand knitted socks.  Great quality.  High prices but worth it to those who demand the best.  One half the cost goes to preservation of Point Lookout.

2.  Mickey Black - Excellent quality cotton socks made to Confederate Government specifications on an antique sock knitting machine.  Delivery times are good and workmanship and material quality are above average.  Prices are very good.

3.  Nancy Eddins - Very good to excellent quality in materials and workmanship.  Delivery times are average. Prices are average to slightly above average.


1.  Wisconsin Veteran’s Museum - All hot tin dipped goods.  The BEST on the market.

3.  J & B Tinsmiths -

4.  C & D Jarnagin - Average quality tinware including cups and muckets.

5.  Village Tinsmithing Works, Inc. - Good quality tinware of all types.


1.  Fort Branch Supply Co. - The best Gardner Pattern Confederate wooden canteen available.  Lifetime leak-proof warranty.  This item received an excellent rating from The Watchdog:  “In all characteristics, [this] reproduction is a good match to [the] originals . . .”

2.  C & D Jarnagin - Average quality, but best to look elsewhere.

3.  Wisconsin Veteran’s Museum - Very good quality canteen.

4.  Laura Middleton - The best Nuckolls Patent Confederate canteen.  The Watchdog rated this item “. . . to be well made and a faithful replica . . .”


1.  Frank Burgess -

2.  Butch Meyers - Good to above average quality.  Delivery times are average.   Prices are a little above average.  Good rating in The Watchdog.

3.  NJ Sekela - Excellent quality items.  Hand sewn.  The Watchdog rated the goods offered here as   having “. . . no appreciable difference from originals.”  Delivery times are average.  Prices are average to slightly above average.

4.  Missouri Boot & Shoe Co. -

5.  Trans-Mississippi Depot Co. - Belts and cartridge box slings.


1.  County Cloth - Well documented, excellent Confederate, Federal, and NC issue blankets.  High prices but  these are the best made blankets that are copied from originals and the official specifications.

2.  Wisconsin Veteran’s Museum - Federal only.

3.  Blue Heron -

4.  The New Richmond Depot - Basic Confederate ‘issue’ blanket.  Heavy natural wool blanket woven to period specifications.  

5.  QMwoolens - Abraham Thomas Federal Issue


1.  C. J. Daley Historical Reproductions - Federal and Confederate patterns.

2.  Artifakes - Highest quality.

3.  Haversack Depot - US & CS patterns.  The Watchdog rated the US issue haversack as “. . . one of the most accurate of the haversacks . . .”

4.  Trans-Mississippi Depot - hand made and very good quality


1.  NJ Sekela - US doublebag, and CS Isaac & Campbell.  Good to above average quality items.  Hand sewn.  The Watchdog gave a good rating of the goods offered here.  Delivery times are average.  Prices are average to slightly above average.

2.  Mike Thompson - US doublebag. 3.  Deep South Depot - Mexican War and Isaac & Campbell.  Excellent quality goods.


1.  Mike Cullum - CS oil cloths.

2.  C. J. Daley Historical Reproductions - US issue tent fly and ground cloths.  Very good quality goods.

3.  C & D Jarnagin - US issue gum blanket and poncho.  Ensure you order with “US” makers mark.


1.  Paul Smith -

2.  Chris Graham - Civilian styles.  Very good quality with average pricing.

3.  Mike Hendricks -

4.  Trans-Mississippi Depot Co. -  Some of the best on the market.


1.  Cartridges Unlimited - Authentic cartridges, live and blank.

2.  Mike Sheets - Flags: US national and CS battleflags.

3.  Sullivan Press - Stationary and other paper goods.

4.  ButtonsChile-N-Cracker's Reproductions (Lindy Miller) / The Button Baron (John Zaharias)

5. Tuckahoe Trading Company - glassware, pottery, rope drums, etc.


Contact Information for vendors:

Tim Allen 1429 Becket Rd.
Eldersburg,  MD  21784
Phone: (410) 549-5145
B&B Tart (Ben Tart) 803 Verona Ave.
Garner,  NC  27529
Phone: (919) 478-7668
Mickey Black 6378 US 601
Salisbury,  NC  28147
Phone: (704) 642-0039
 Burgess & Company  200 Pine Place
 Red Bank,  NJ  07701
 Phone:  (732) 576-1624
 The Button Baron (John Zaharias)  PO Box 31152
 St. Louis,  MO  63131
 C & D Jarnagin   103 Franklin St.
 Corinth, MS 38834
 Phone: (662) 287-4977
 C. J. Daley Historical Reproductions  P.O. Box 598
 Yorktown, VA 23690 
 Carter & Jasper Authentic Mercantile
 2925 Mill Run Blvd
 Kissimmee, FL 34744
 Cartridges Unlimited (Mike Watson)   4656 Newport
 St. Louis, MO 63116
 Phone: (314) 769-1588
 Chile-N-Cracker's Reproductions  P.O. Box 425
 Columbia, CA  95310
 Clearwater Hat Company  1007 Clearwater Road
 Timbo, AR  72680
 Phone: (870) 746-4324
 County Cloth, Inc. (Charlie Childs)  13797-C Georgetown St., NE
 Paris,  OH  44669
 Phone: (330) 862-3307
Dirty Billy’s Emporium 20 Baltimore St.
Gettysburg, PA 17325
Phone: (717) 334-3200
Deep South Depot 2463 Woodland Dr.
Kenesaw,  GA  30144
Phone: (678) 837-6608
Nancy Eddins 186 Hayes Circle
Rex,  GA  30273
Phone: (770) 389-1470
Family Heirloom Weavers (Pat Kline) 601 Maple St.
Red Lion, PA 17356
Phone: (717) 246-5797
Fort Branch Supply Co. (Ken Bucher) P.O. Box 190
Windsor, NC 27983
Phone: (919) 794-5400
Chris Graham RR #3, Box 410B
Hayesville,  NC  28904
Phone: (704) 389-6126
Mike Hendricks 625 Nottingham Dr.
Virginia Beach,  VA  23452
Phone: (757) 340-2657
Kathy Kleiman 10264 Eagle Nest Ct.
Fairfax,  VA  22032
Phone: (703) 323-1219
Butch Meyers 6507 Horsepen Rd.
Richmond,  VA  23226
Phone: (804) 288-9380
Laura Middleton 1015 RR 1
Haleyville,  AL  35565-9744
Phone: (205) 486-2687
Missouri Boot & Shoe Co. 951 Burr Crossing Rd.
Neosho,  MO  64850
Phone: (417) 451-6100
NJ Sekela (Nick Sekela) PO Box 28
Butler,  NJ  07405-0028
Phone: (973) 557-6733
Quartermaster Shop 5565 Griswold Road
Kimball, Michigan  48074

Phone: (810) 367-6702

The Richmond Depot P.O. Box 4849
Midlothian, VA 23112
Phone: (804) 305-2968
Mike Rippl 2415 Rennie Dr.
Virginia Beach,  VA  23454
Phone: (757) 498-5794
Mike Sheets 1399 14th St.
Huntington,  WV  25701
Phone: (304) 525-5065
Paul Smith PO Box 93
McKnightstown,  PA  17343
Phone: (717) 337-3929
Greg Starbuck

PO Box 11582

Lynchburg, VA 24506

Sullivan Press PO Box 1711
West Shester,  PA  19380-0057
Phone: (610) 873-2631
Pauline Swingle 2508 Lesh Court
Crofton,  MD  21114
Thistle Hill Weavers 101 Chestnut Ridge Rd.
Cherry Valley, NY 13320
(518) 284-2729
Mike Thompson 3519 Loganview Dr.
Dundalk,  MD  21222
Phone: (410) 288-5284
Trans-Mississippi Depot Co. PO Box 875
Tyler, Texas 75710
Phone: (903) 526-1191                                      
Tuckahoe Trading Company
Paris Aiken  and Tom Apple)
4104 Holland Blvd. Ste 111
Chesapeake VA 23323
Phone: (757) 487-1815                          
Village Tinsmithing Works, Inc.
Bill & Judy Hoover)
P.O. Box 539
Hamptonville, NC 27020
Phone: (336) 468-1190
Fax: (336) 468-1191
Wisconsin Veteran’s Museum 30 West Mifflin St.
Madison,  WI  53703
Phone: (608) 267-1799

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