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                                   Recruiting Information

Now that you've had a chance to check out our website, how about trying this living history business out?

But before you buy anything...

Come out and join us for a weekend. Our quartermaster can outfit you from head to toe. We don't want you to spend a lot of money just to find out that this "living history stuff" is just not your thing.

If you find out this is what has been missing in your life however, we will offer some of the best training, advice and camaraderie in the hobby.  Contact anyone on the list below and let's get to Campaigning!

Click HERE for a copy of our Brochure

Click HERE for a copy of our Enlistment Form


Recruiting Committee Members:
(click on a name to send an e-mail)

Byron Faidley (Lieutenant/Cmte Chair); Western VA Area

Harvey Speer; Northern VA

Terry Bram; Southside VA Area

Tommy Warshaw; MD

Additional Contacts:

Gerald Harlow (Captain); Charlottesville

Paul Boulden (1st Sgt); Ashland

Kathi Dietrich (Ladies Rep); MD/PA

Richard Kessler; Northern VA

Robert 'Clinker' Moss; Richmond Area

Bill Reagan; Richmond

David Speer; Tidewater VA Area