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23rd Virginia Infantry Photo Gallery




Military Through the Ages

Jamestown Settlement, Virginia

March 19 and 20, 2016


Members of the 23rd Virginia Infantry portrayed the Jetersville Militia (to become Co. B, Jetersville Grays, 23rd Virginia) on December 2, 1859, after John Brown's terrorist attack on Harpers Ferry, Virginia.





Spangler's Spring

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

June 25 and 26, 2016


Telling the story of the Confederate Soldier






 In the evening of July 1, 1863, the 23rd arrived after a hard march at the Daniel Lady Farm on Hanover Road just east of Gettysburg. The farm is now preserved by the Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association. A barn on that farm would become a hospital for the men wounded on the attacks on Culp's Hill on the evening of July 2nd and morning of July 3rd, 1863. At some time during that period, Benjamin A. Roberts of the 23rd Virginia Regiment would carve his initials in the barn's door frame, to be respected and preserved by those who came after. "BAR" enlisted in the 23rd on May 2, 1861, as a private and rose to the rank of sergeant by April 1862, but for some reason was busted back to private in October that year. He would be present with the regiment continuously until captured at The Mule Shoe at Spotsylvania May 12, 1864. He would languish at Ft. Delaware until June 21, 1865. He had light complexion and dark hair. He would pass April 24, 1915, at the age of 75.    


Cedar Creek Living History

Middletown, Virginia

October 14-16, 2016




The Slaughter Pen

Fredericksburg, Virginia

December 10, 2016


Members of the 23rd Virginia Infantry portrayed the 14th North Carolina

and follow their movements on The Slaughter Pen battlefield.







The Real Men

 of the 23rd Va.




Legacies of the 23rd Va.

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