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23rd Virginia Infantry Photo Gallery




Military Through the Ages

Jamestown Settlement, Virginia

March 17 and 18, 2012


Members of the 23rd Virginia Infantry portrayed our regiment in the Spring of 1862

near Winchester prior to Jackson's Valley Campaign.













Battle of Kernstown 150th Anniversary

Winchester, Virginia

March 24 and 25, 2012






March 23rd, 1862, the men of Fulkerson's and Garnett's Brigades advance unsuccessfully against Union artillery positions on

Pritchard's Hill one mile to the east of this photo and take their first casualties of the battle. Ordered to the left

to secure Sandy Ridge so Jackson's artillery could enfilade the Union guns, Col. Fulkerson's two-regiment brigade of the

37th and 23rd Virginia runs into Col. Erastus Tyler's Third Brigade heading to the same position. It became a race to the

stone wall in the foreground of the photo below.  Advancing right to left across the foreground, the 23rd wins

the race to the wall, taking positions along that part of the wall in the hedgerow to the left, and catches the

1st (West) Virginia in the open. The Union Virginians are repulsed with heavy losses. The 23rd would remain in this position until dusk.

Map from "We are in for it" The First Battle of Kernstown by Gary L. Ecelbarger. Photo perspective indicated by red arrow.




Escaping an incessant rain on the porch of the W. Glass home (Rose Hill).






Recreation of The Race to the Wall.



Ceremony for Confederate dead at Stonewall Cemetery, Winchester.



Gettysburg National Military Park

Spangler's Spring

June 22 to 24, 2012


Our weekend at Gettysburg begins with a birthday party bash at Appalachian Brewery. Food was OK but beer was excellent.


Then into camp and interaction with the public.





Privates Moss and Moss pay tribute to their ancestors in Armistead's Brigade. Private Speer pays tribute to his ancestral Alabamians.




Cedar Mountain

Living History on the original battlefield

Culpeper County, Virginia

August 9 through 12, 2012


Our thanks to The Civil War Trust and Friends of Cedar Mountain Battlefield, Inc.



Sharpsburg 150th

Boonsboro, Maryland

September 7 to 9, 2012


Two Thousand of the most authentic troops in the land come together to re-experience the battles at Sharpsburg.

The 23rd Virginia joined with other units to portray the 4th Texas.



First day's camp.



Left: The 4th Texas takes shelter as a storm blows through just before Saturday's fight. Right: Drying out.



Courtesy Rae Eggleston-Evans Photography





Before The Cornfield.



After The Cornfield



The following week, September 16 and 17, members of the 23rd Virginia returned to Antietam NBP to perform

living history on the anniversary of the battle. Shown here engaged in The Sunken Road.



Living History and Christmas Dinner

Frederick's Hall, Louisa County, Virginia

December 15, 2012


The 23rd assembled at the depot in Frederick's Hall for a day of living history and dinner at Tavern on the Rail Restaurant.

It was here that Company G, Frederick's Hall Grays was enlisted into service April 21, 1861, by Captain Clayton G. Coleman, Jr.

The day included a short march to the Frederick's Hall manor home and cemetery. As the sun set, the 23rd retired to the period tavern in the basement of the restaurant, followed by an excellent dinner.


Assembled at the depot site.











The Frederick's Hall Cemetery.





On the porch of Frederick's Hall.



Privates Kessler and Speer take the bar, after a brief struggle.



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