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23rd Virginia Infantry Photo Gallery




Camp of Instruction

Stop 5, Petersburg National Battlefield Park

Petersburg, Virginia


Photos coming soon




Military Through the Ages

Jamestown Settlement, Virginia

March 21 and 22, 2009


Members of the 23rd Virginia Infantry portrayed our regiment in the Spring of 1864 along the Rapidan River. Visitation in the camp this year was excellent. Visitors were treated to aspects of soldier life they never knew. Our thanks to Pvt. Chris Hall for making the meals a huge success and to 1st Sgt. Boulden and Pvt. Medwid for coordinating food and preparing camp implements. The 23rd won 3rd place in Best Unit Demonstration. Let it here be said that we probably practiced less for this demonstration than the many others for which we received no recognition!



The shebang was a hit with soldiers and kids alike. Although it helps protect one from rain,

the rain seems to continue inside hours after it has stopped raining outside.



Visitors to the camp (left) enjoy bean stew. The little red head girl loved it and cried when told perhaps she'd had enough. 

Photo to the right shows kids in the camp put to work moving ammunition to the front.



Comrades (left) and new recruit?



Enlistment of Company G

Trevilion Station, Louisa County, Virginia

May 16 and 17, 2009


New recruits, some without uniforms, some with only shotguns, some with wooden guns, form for their first drill,

which is soon dispersed with the approach of a snake.



Private Speer drills a recruit. Although technically too young, when the recruit's age was averaged with that of Pvt. Speer,

the result was 39, and the recruit was accepted.



The Luck family visited the camp. Their ancestor was Pvt. Edward Lindsey Clarke of Co. F.

Private Clarke is pictured in our display.








Spangler's Spring Living History

Gettysburg NMP, Pennsylvania

Portraying the 23rd Virginia of Steuart's Brigade at Culp's Hill

June 26 through 28, 2009





Interaction with the public: Above - Visitors hear from Pvt. Moss the motives behind the Confederate soldier's struggle.

Below - Kids line up to hold Pvt. Speer's Enfield Rifle Musket. They were all amazed at its weight.




Below: Ration issue.













After the event, Sgt. Currin led several members of the 23rd on a tour of the positions of the regiment on Culps Hill.

The tour included the fighting position of  A. L. Coble of North Carolina, who returned to the battlefield with his daughter

and carved his initials in the rock where he fought.



Sharpsburg Living History

Antietam NBP, Maryland

Portraying the 23rd Virginia of Taliaferro's Brigade, Jackson's Division in the West Woods

September 11 through 13, 2009










The Real Men

 of the 23rd Va.




Legacies of the 23rd Va.

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