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23rd Virginia Infantry Photo Gallery



IVR Camp of Instruction

Pamplin Historical Park, Dinwiddie County, Virginia


In February, members of the 23rd Virginia attended our annual Camp of Instruction (COI) with our sister units of the Independent Volunteer Rifles (IVR), a campaigner battalion comprised of the 15th and 23rd Virginia Infantry Regiments, The Petersburg City Guard, The Doggery Boys Mess, and The Princess Anne Greys (Lee's Sharpshooters).  COI gives our IVR units the opportunity to practice drill and maneuver at the battalion level with a large number of troops, in preparation of our upcoming IVR events.  The weekend includes instruction of officers and NCO's in company and regimental level movements.  New recruits and forgetful veterans are given the opportunity to develop their drilling skills at the school of the soldier.  COI also gives the boys of the IVR the opportunity to build camaraderie.  Our special thanks to Pamplin Historical Park and Museum of the Civil War Soldier in Dinwiddie County for allowing the IVR to use their winter quarters facility.  This outstanding facility includes several winter huts for enlisted, NCO, and officer personnel which will be used for the Park's Civil War Adventure Camp for kids.  This park is truly the finest experience of Civil War life in the nation.


 The Independent Volunteer Rifles braves a cold day of drill.

Officers discuss their strategy while First Platoon looks on.


Left - Second Platoon on skirmish drill.  Right - In the huts



Jamestown Military Through the Ages

Jamestown, Virginia

Portraying the Amelia Rifles in the Spring of 1861





Shenandoah 1862

Port Republic, Virginia

A Campaigner Event on the original Cross Keys and Port Republic Battlefields


Left - Early morning in the Cross Keys Camp.  Right - Forming the regiment for battle at Cross Keys.



The March to Port Republic.



The regiment arrives at Port Republic.  Ladies provide water for the troops.



Left - Saturday evening camps along the South River.  Right - Picket Duty.



A Pard from the North State Rifles fixes a refreshment at the end of a long march.



Fighting in the dense woods of the original battlefield of The Coaling at Port Republic.



Gettysburg Living History

at Spangler's Spring

Portraying the 23rd Virginia on the ground she fought across


Our friend Tom Holbrook of GNMP runs living history for the world's most visited battlefield.


Battlefield visitors hear the Rebel Yell.


No one captivates the public better than Dave Spearman, even in the rain.


Telling the story of the Confederate Soldier.


Privates Raines and D. Speer.


Some of our boys at Gettysburg


Spangler's Spring, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania June 2006



Musician John Scott Jackson wins a "First in State" from the West Virginia 4-H

with his demonstration of "Heroes of Battle, Drummers in the Civil War".  John Scott is

the musician of the 23rd Virginia Infantry.




Living History at Antietam, Maryland, October 2006

Left - Demonstrations in the visitor's center. Right - Annual dinner at Cpt. Benders.




School Program at Nuchols Farm Elementary





The Real Men

 of the 23rd Va.




Legacies of the 23rd Va.

School Programs