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23rd Virginia Infantry Photo Gallery



IVR Camp of Instruction

Pamplin Historical Park, Dinwiddie County, Virginia


In February, members of the 23rd Virginia attended our annual Camp of Instruction (COI) with our sister units of the Independent Volunteer Rifles (IVR), a campaigner battalion comprised of the 3rd, 15th, and 23rd Virginia Infantry Regiments and the Petersburg City Guard.  COI gives our IVR units the opportunity to practice drill and maneuver at the battalion level with a large number of troops, in preparation of our upcoming IVR events.  The weekend includes instruction of officers and NCO's in company and regimental level movements.  New recruits and forgetful veterans are given the opportunity to develop their drilling skills at the school of the soldier.  COI also gives the boys of the IVR the opportunity to build camaraderie.  On Saturday evening, the Colonel treated the boys, enlisted and officers alike, to an evening of revelry and music.  Toasts were raised to the newest member unit of the IVR, the 15th Virginia Infantry Regiment, and to our special guests, 10 Cadets from the VMI Civil War Roundtable.  Our special thanks to Pamplin Historical Park and Museum of the Civil War Soldier in Dinwiddie County for allowing the IVR to use their new winter quarters facility.  This outstanding facility includes several winter huts for enlisted, NCO, and officer personnel which will be used for the Park's Civil War Adventure Camp for kids.  This park is truly the finest experience of Civil War life in the nation.



 The Independent Volunteer Rifles forms for afternoon drill - evolutions of the Battalion.

IVR Commander Col. Mike Hendricks (3rd Va.) and Lt. Col. Mike Rippl (3rd Va.) plan training.


A company line during a break in the soldier's school.


Left - Pvts. White, Clark (3rd Va.), and Harlow prepare evening meal in one of several winter huts.  Right - The Colonel throws a soiree for the members of the IVR in our Petersburg Winter Quarters. Lt Delgreg and Pvt. Whitlow of the 23rd Va. provide the music.


The 23rd Va. is joined at COI by our friends from VMI.




Jamestown Military Through The Ages


The 23rd Virginia takes 3rd place in Drill Competition and 2nd place in the Cooking Competition


Left - We bid a fond farewell with thanks to Lt. Rick Atwood who transfers to Georgia and the Army of Tennessee.

Right - Congratulations to Tyler Delgreg, our new Lieutenant.


Captain Reagan commands a demonstration for the public at Jamestown.


The flag of the 23rd is featured in the April publication of City Edition


Funeral Parade

Richmond, Virginia


A contingent of the IVR participates in a parade down Monument Avenue to Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond.  Four soldiers believed to be from North Carolina and whose remains were unearthed on the Gaines Mill Battlefield were re-interred with full military honors.





Cold Harbor National Park Service

Hanover County, Virginia

Left-Preparation for public demonstration.  Center-Planning the Candle Light Tour.  Right-Practicing the Lee's Headquarters tour stop.


Gettysburg National Park Service


The highlight of the year is our Gettysburg living history event at Spangler's Spring.  Across this ground, the original 23rd Virginia advanced against Culp's Hill, capturing the Union works and being halted only by overwhelming fire from Union positions at Pardee Field.  Today's 23rd Virginia gave five presentations to hundreds of park visitors from across the Country, and the world, exalting the sacrifices of the Confederate Soldier.  Those who had never heard the story of the southern soldier found it here that weekend.  Our thanks to Tom Holbrook and Gettysburg NMP for their outstanding living history programs. 







Antietam National Park Service


Our living history at Antietam National Battlefield, Sharpsburg, Maryland put the 23rd Virginia and her friends from the IVR in front of hundreds of park visitors.  Our thanks to the 12th Alabama Infantry for their support, to Christie of the Park Service for Sunday morning provisions (un-authentic and quite tasty doughnuts), and Ranger Childs for helping to organize this event.  And of course our gratitude to Capt. Bender, whomever he may be, for an excellent Sharpsburg watering hole.






Rededication of the Louisa Confederate Soldier's Monument

Louisa, Virginia


On August 17, 1905, the Louisa County Confederate Monument was dedicated before the largest crowd ever to assemble in the County.  Created by world-renowned  sculptor W. L. Shepherd, the Louisa County Confederate Monument is considered one of the finest monuments of its kind in the South.  On August 20, 2005, the monument, cleaned and preserved for the first time in 100 years, was rededicated in a day long ceremony of music, living history, and speeches.  The day began with living history by the 23rd Virginia Infantry demonstrating uniforms of Louisa County's regiments throughout the war.  Three of the original 23rd Virginia Regiment's companies were from Louisa County.  Pvt. Gerald Harlow of Gordonsville led a walking tour of the town, ending at the cemetery containing more than 60 Confederate dead from the nearby battlefield of Trevilian Station.  Pvt. Zo Speer read a touching poem, (see picture below) composed by himself, encouraging all to defend their southern heritage and asking our Southern Heroes to meet us at the gate and declare us worthy when our time has come.  Following the ceremony in the cemetery, a parade took visitors and participants to the Court House for the rededication ceremony.  The rededication ceremony included an oratory of the condensed version of the original 1905 speech given by Rev. J. William Jones, Chaplain General, UCV by Mr. Bill Young of Richmond.  The crowd was also treated to an address by Col. Walbrook Davis Swank, USAF Ret. (95 years young), author and historian. The unveiling revealed a memorial of even greater beauty than when it was first dedicated.  After the ceremony, many of the 23rd Virginia fell back to Romana's Italian Restaurant in Louisa for fine wine, imported beer, pizza, and air conditioning.  The cleaning and preservation of the monument were the result of the diligent efforts of Pvt. Gerald Harlow of the 23rd Virginia and SCV Trevilian Station Camp 1434.  Thanks also to the Louisa County Board of Supervisors for their $10,000 appropriation which made the restoration possible, Louisa Mayor Charles Rosson, Louisa United Methodist Church, The Trevilian Station Battlefield Foundation (TSBF) and the Mineral Chapter UDC.



Pvt. Zo Speer at Louisa appears in Civil War News




South Mountain Campaigner Tactical

Burkittsville, Maryland


A campaigner tactical on the South Mountain Battlefield


Left - Captain Reagan and Sgt. Currin lead the 23rd Va. and IVR Battalion over the crest of South Mountain.

Right - Pvt. White straggles and is gobbled up.




New Market Living History and Candle Light Tour

New Market, Virginia


A warm  evening in the Bushong Farm's Kitchen House.





Payne's Farm Campaigner Tactical

Spotsylvania County, Virginia


Left - the Confederate Column takes a break in the march. Right - Privates Speer, Moss, and Harlow in line on the 23rd Virginia's original position on the Payne's Farm Battlefield.


Left - Privates Boulden and Bradford prepare to boil coffee for veterans Currin, Reagan, and Lanier.  Right - IVR commander Col. Mike Hendricks covered by Sgt. Jim Faulkner of the IVR's Princess Anne Greys wait for the the Federal column to come in range.


The IVR drills by squad before the Saturday march and tactical.



Pvt. Speer thaws out after two nights of spooning in near freezing temperatures.  Pvt. Speer's great great grandfather was an Arkansas soldier in the Army of Tennessee.




Christmas Dinner and Party

The Irish Brigade Restaurant and Pub

Fredericksburg, Virginia



Comrades and family, good food, good drink, live Irish Music (with some Confederate requests) and a night at the bar.  The 23rd Virginia's own Ruritan Home Guard may not make first formation.





Frederickburg National Park Service

The Sunken Road


The boys of the 23rd Virginia and Independent Volunteer Rifles perform living history in The Sunken Road. Demonstrations for the public included continuous firing from behind the wall by revolving files of four, giving the public and participants alike a true feel for the amount of lead that swept that plain on December 13, 1862.



 The IVR on Marye's Heights portrays the 2nd South Carolina Infantry Regiment Co. A.



After a cold day in the field, members of the Ruritan Home Guard retire to Fredericksburg's

Sammy-T's to warm their bones, tell some lies, and toast a successful year.



Looking forward to another great year honoring our heritage in 2006





The Real Men

 of the 23rd Va.




Legacies of the 23rd Va.

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