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23rd Virginia Infantry Photo Gallery


Privates Joe Scharbel (left-Lt. Col. USMC) and John Turner (Lt. USMC) serve our Country in Iraq. Your Country thanks you!


Jamestown Military Through the Ages

Best Overall Unit - Second Place, Best Drill-Third Place

     Competition Drill: The 23rd takes 3rd place                                            Baseball WBTS style: Rebs vs. Yanks

                                                                                                                          Rebs beat Yanks in stunning comeback 7 to 6

 Jamestown chow time with the boys of the Korean War.

Confederate Heritage Parade

Confederate History Month: SCV Parade in Richmond


Cold Harbor National Park Service

Cold Harbor Living History for the National Park Service


Trevilian Station

Private Harlow of the Trevilian Station Battlefield Foundation dishes up dinner to hungry cavalrymen at the 2004 all-cavalry reenactment in Louisa County, sponsored by the TSBF.  Later, he and wife Kathy lead the Virginia Reel.

A Confederate Cavalryman at Trevilians


Gettysburg National Park Service

Throughout the weekend, hundreds of visitors heard the real motives behind the Confederate Soldier.


The 23rd Virginia Infantry near the scene of her glory at Spangler's Spring.


City Point 1864 - On our way to Point Lookout

Officers are searched and segregated.

The men are prepared for their trip north on a steamship. The war is over for these veterans.


Filming of "No Retreat from Destiny" - Petersburg, VA

Privates Kessler and Speer to right of sound man in their movie debut.


Cedar Creek with the IVR


Christmas at Gordonsville Military Hospital


Left - Visitors were treated to a candlelight tour of the sick wards.  Afterwards, family and friends enjoy a Christmas feast.


The 23rd is joined at Gordonsville by six Cadets from V.M.I.




The Real Men

 of the 23rd Va.




Legacies of the 23rd Va.

School Programs