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23rd Virginia Infantry Photo Gallery


Captain Reagan serves our Country in Iraq, as a Major


Jamestown Military Through the Ages

If it's MTA....it's rain...                                          And our fines ladies can make a showing.



                      Chief Cooks do a great job.      Chief Bottle Washer bribes the judges, to no avail.

                                                               Our past                                                        and our future


McDowell, Highland County, Virginia

McDowell 03: a thorough soaking


Camp of Instruction in Louisa County

Left-Outgoing President/Captain of 10 years Jerry Harlow and Lieutenant David Spearman receive our thanks. 

They will assume the rank of Private.  Right-Ladies of COI.


Cold Harbor National Park Service

   Spooning in the rain


Gettysburg National Park Service-Spangler's Spring Living History

Our annual pilgrimage to Spangler Springs had added delights that year thanks to the 1st New Jersey Cavalry (motorized)

Our formal image followed by Clinker's world renowned tear-jerking soliloquy 


Gaines Mill National Park Service

It's not always drill, drill, drill..............it just seems that way


Exchange Hotel, Gordonsville, Virginia: Candle Light Tour

The Rock, No Trim, and Jethro enjoy Christmas cheer at Gordonsville Christmas event.

The Real Men of the 23rd Va. 2004


2006 2007 2008 2009 Civilians



Legacies of the 23rd Va. School Programs