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23rd Virginia Infantry

Look into their eyes and you will know them:

Images of the real men



William Booth Taliaferro

Colonel, Field and Staff


Born 12/28/22 in Gloucester County. VA. Graduated College of William & Mary. Studied law at Harvard. Commissioned in US army 1847, Mexican War, politician, active in Virginia Militia. Major General commanding Virginia Militia on Peninsula in May 1861. Commander of the 23rd Va. from 5/61 through 3/6/62, including battles at Carricks Ford and Rich Mountain. Promoted Brigadier General commanding 3rd Brigade of Jackson's Division. Seriously wounded 3/28/62 at Groveton. Returned to division command at Fredericksburg. Transferred ANV to South Carolina 2/63. Commanded Battery Wagner. Promoted to Major General 1/1/65. Present at Bentonville. Paroled 5/65. Returned to law and politics. Died 2/27/98 at his estate "Dunham Massie" in Gloucester County, Va.

William Henderson Gregory

2 Lt. Co. K


Born Lunenburg Co., VA. Son of Josephus and Elizabeth Lee Gregory. Enlisted 5/2/61 at Keysville for 1 year. Reelected 2 Lt. at reorganization 4/21/62. KIA McDowell 5/8/62. Buried family cemetery Lunenburg Co.

William Oswald Goode

Pvt. Co. K


Born 11/15/40. Lived in the Keysville/Drakes Branch area of Charlotte County, Virginia. Enlisted 5/2/61 at Keysville for 1 year. Captured Carricks Ford, (West) Virginia 7/13/61. Paroled 7/20/61 at Beverly. Discharged 9/8/61. Reenlisted at Drakes Branch, Va. 1/21/62 in Company E, 22nd Virginia Infantry. Absent sick at Howard’s Grove 3/4/62 and absent sick at Lunenberg 5/23/62.  Transferred 9/9/62 to the Staunton Hill Artillery at Camp Wyatt, NC. Was present with this unit thru the 12/64 roll. After the war, William returned to Charlotte County and married Ellen Jane Wallace of Charlotte, Va. Together they had 5 girls (Willie, Mary, Kate, Lena, and Stanhope) and a boy they named Flavius. Died 1/31/07 in Richmond and was buried in Maury Cemetery.


Thomas Garland Sims

Pvt. Co. G


Born 8/6/42. Enlisted 3/10/62 at Tolersville, Louisa Co. for war.  Detached as nurse to hospital in Gordonsville 8/25/63 through 11/63. Absent, detailed teamster in division ordinance reserve 12/63 through 10/64. Paroled 6/1/65 Ashland, VA. Died 12/24/20 Spotsylvania Co.

Charles Anderson Raine

1st Lt Co. E, Reg. Field & Staff


Born 1841. Enlisted 5/7/61 at Brooklyn, Halifax Co., VA for 1 year. Appointed QM Sgt. from corp. 12/25/61. Reenlisted 2/62 and furloughed. Elected 1st Lt. at reorganization 4/21/62. Commanded Company. Absent sick 8-9/62. Appointed chief of ordinance 3rd Brigade 10/1/62. On furlough 1-2/63. Acting QM for regiment 3-4/63. Adjutant for regiment 6/1/63. In hospital Richmond with dysentery and on leave 12/63. Captured 5/12/64 at Spotsylvania CH. Sent 5/14/64 from Belle Plain to Pt. Lookout. Transferred 6/23/64 to Ft. Delaware. Released on oath 6/16/65. Light complexion, 6'-2" tall, light complexion, dark hair, dark eyes. Married Elizabeth Caldwell Oliver age 16 on 12/19/66. Businessman and farmer in Halifax and Pittsylvania Counties. Fathered 12 children. Died in Danville, Pittsylvania Co., VA 3/5/02. See his memoir on this site's History Page.

William Anderson Hightower

 1st Sgt Co E


Born Halifax Co., VA 8/14/43. Only son of Joshua Hightower and his wife Mary Thomas Anderson. Was a student when enlisted as private 5/7/61 at Brooklyn for 1 year. Sick leave 8/61. Reenlisted 3/62. Sick leave 7-8/62.  WIA and left with wounded/captured Sharpsburg. POW as of 9/27/62. Sent to Ft. Mc Henry. Transferred to Ft. Monroe about 10/17/62. Paroled and exchanged 10/27/62. Appointed 1st Sgt. 1/1/63. Severely wounded in left leg at Chancellorsville 5/3/63. Died of his wounds 5/21/63. Buried at Laurel Grove, Pittsylvania Co., VA in family cemetery on south side of Route 659.


Edward Lindsey Clarke

Pvt. Co. F

Born 1837. Married Mary Rebecca Ellis 12/21/59 and had 8 children, including a daughter born before the war.  Enlisted 5/20/61 at Manakin, Goochland Co. WIA Kernstown 3/23/62. According to Lt. Samuel Johnson of Co. D "...one shell burtsted in four feet of me and gave me the hardest jar I ever had. But I was not struck with a fragment. The same shell struck directly under Edward Clarke of Co. F as it bursted. He was blown up four feet by the force of the explosion but escaped with the loss of his heel, which maimed him for life. The wonder is -striking as it did in the ranks-there was not a dozen or more killed." Two other Clark brothers were wounded as well. Disabled for war after Kernstown. Paroled 5/1/65 at Dover Mines, Goochland Co. Died 3/7/85. Buried Dover Baptist Church, Manakin, VA.

Clodorma Clarke

Corp. Co. F

Born 5/41 Goochland Co., VA. Married Meedy Powers. Enlisted in Goochland Grays 5/20/61 at Manakin, Goochland Co. Reenlisted 2/13/62. Promoted to 3rd Corp. WIA Kernstown 3/23/62. Promoted to 2nd Corp. Captured 5/12/64 Spotsylvania. Sent 5/20/64 from Belle Plain to Ft. Deleware. Released on Oath 6/7/65. Died 2/28/23 and buried Dover Baptist Church, Manakin, VA. Light complexion, blue eyes, brown hair.

George Stanford Clarke

Pvt. Co. F


Born 4/14/33, George was the brother of Edward and Clodorma Clarke, also of Company F. George married Lucy Temple Harris (1838-1909) and had eight children: Pocahontas Roberta, William Sanford, Charles Dandridge, John Lindsay, George, Luther Calvin, Rosa Belle and Hattie Ruth. He enlisted 5/20/61 at Manakin for one year. At time of enlistment, George was 28 and 6'1" with fair complexion, brown hair, and grey eyes. He was a shoemaker by trade. Absent sick 7/61 to 10/62. Disability discharge due to phobisis 11/20/62. George died 2/22/93.


There was a fourth Clarke brother in Company F of the 23rd Virginia, the eldest of the four, Robert Braxton Clarke (1830-1909) who married Georgiana Powers. No image of Robert is known to exist.


Steven L. Crew

Sgt. Co. D

Born 1838 Ferncliff, Louisa Co. Was a farmer. Married Susan Carter about 1860. Enl. 5/23/61 Trevilian Station. Left as nurse for wounded and captured Sharpsburg. Exchanged prior to 2/63. Surrendered Appomattox. Father to three children. Died 1919 at Crew Farm, Louisa Co. Brother James V. M. Crew of the 23rd who was killed in action at Cedar Mountain 8/8/62. Steven applied to the U.D.C. for the Southern Cross of Honor. In that application, he states that he and T. G. Waldrop were the only men of Company D still in the ranks at the surrender.

Philip McSherry

Pvt. Co. E

Farmer. Enlisted 3/17/62 at Whitlock, Halifax Co., VA. Sick in hospital and at home 4/15/62 to muster 6/63. WIA 11/17/63 Payne's Farm. Absent afterwards with leave. Provost Guard Danville July-September 1864. Absent with leave wounded afterwards to 12/64. Post War Image. Died 1880.

Clayton Glanville Coleman, Jr.

Capt. Co. G


Born 1840 at Roxbury, New Kent County, VA. in 1840. Attended VMI in class of '59 but did not graduate. Attended UVA and Medical College of Virginia, from which he graduated 3/61. Practiced as physician. Enlisted 4/24/61 at Fredericks Hall, Louisa Co., Va. Furloughed while commanding company 9/61. Promoted Lt. Col. 4/15/62 but elected Captain and served at that rank 5/21/62 upon reorganization. Resigned 10/30/62. Appointed Assistant Surgeon in Confederate Medical Department 4/8/63.  Practiced medicine until 1871 when he became a civil engineer in civil service. Married Anna Sherrard Breedin of Winchester and had four children. Died in Little Rock, Arkansas 10/7/08.


George William Clibourne

Corp. Co. I


Born 1838 Worsham, VA. Was salesman before the war. Enl. 5/21/61 at Prince Edward C.H. for 1 year. Absent sick 9-12/61. Reenlisted for war 4/12/62. Promoted 3rd Corporal. Present 12/62. Transferred to Co. F 18 Va. Inf. 1/63. Paroled 4/1/65. Became cabinet and casket maker. Married Cordelia Rice Calhoun 12/21/65, the widow of John L. Calhoun of Co. D, 18 Va., who was killed in Pickett's Charge. Died Hampden-Sydney 12/23/09. Photo made 12/3/60 at Prince Edward C. H. George paid $8.00 for this photograph. His brother, Thomas Clibourne of Co. G, 23rd, was mortally wounded at Chancellorsville.

Samuel Carter Williams

Capt. Co. E

Born 1834 Pittsylvania Co., VA. Resided at Southerlin, Halifax Co. Enl. 5/7/61 at Brooklyn, Halifax Co. Wounded in arm and captured 5/8/62 at McDowell. Imprisoned and exchanged for officer. Returned from convalescent leave 8/20/62. Present continuously commanding company until KIA 11/27/63 at Payne's Farm. Buried family cemetery near Southerlin.

Andrew J. Richardson

Pvt. Co. A/Major, Field and Staff

Andrew was born 11/15/1836 and became a lawyer.  Enlisted 5/15/61 at Thompson's Cross Roads for one year.  Elected 1st Lt. 11/5/61.  Elected Capt. 12/16/61.  Sick leave 1-2/62.  Re-elected Capt at reorganization 4/21/62 and commanded the Co. through 12/63. Wounded Chancellorsville. Absent with leave to 12/28/63.  Appointed Major 3/6/64 with date of rank 11/27/63.  Commanded 23rd VA Infantry regiment 5-7/64.  Wounded 8/24/64 Bunker Hill.  Ordered to Imboden's Cavalry 1/28/65 by general Early.  Paroled Columbia (Fluvanna Co.). Died Louisa 4/13/1912.  Buried Bethpage Church of Disciples near Fredericks Hall, Louisa Co., VA. 

His portrait hangs in the Louisa Court House.  Maj. Richardson was the Commissioner of the Revenue for Louisa Co. for thirty-seven years.



Robert Morgan French

Pvt. Co. C


Born 12/20/41 in Amelia Co. Enl. 3/15/62 at Winterham for 3 years. Absent sick 5-10/62, 1-2/63, and 4-5/ 63. Was at Chancellorsville. Sprained ankle on way to Gettysburg and missed battle there. Captured 5/12/64 at Spotsylvania. Sent 5/20/64 from Belle Plain to Ft. Delaware. From interview he related, "We were having a right hot time of it at Spotsylvania Court House. We were down behind a low breastworks. I was loading and my companion was shooting. One gun jammed and both of us tried to fix it. When we looked up, we couldn't see anything but Yankees. They took us across the Potomac with about 2,000 others to The Plains. Here they kept us huddled together in a little hollow for three days without food. Then we were loaded on a ship and sailed out into the Chesapeake Bay up to Fort Delaware. The wounded lay around without medical attention. Some had gone mad from head wounds, and all we could hear was the moans of the dying and the distant roar of cannons. To make matters worse, I got scurvy of my right leg and couldn't walk. Then we heard about Appomattox. Those of us that were left cheered. But they kept us until June 21." Released on oath 6/20/65. Worked as foundryman for Southern Railroad for 20 years before retiring to Soldier's Home from Chesterfield Co. 10/19/14. Never married. Died of bronchitis and old age 3/26/39, age 97. Buried Maury Cemetery, Richmond. Five feet-six inches tall, dark hair, dark eyes.

Alexander C. Hamilton

Pvt. Co. G


Born 2/2/34 Louisa County. Married Lucy T Holliday 3/17/59 and had 6 children. Enlisted 3/10/62 at Tolersville (Mineral) for war. Present 3/10/62 to 6/62. Present 1/63 to 6/63. Wounded and captured Culp's Hill, Gettysburg, PA. 7/3/63.  Arrived Ft. Delaware 7/7/63. Transferred to Point Lookout 10/26/63. Paroled and exchanged 4/3/64. Assigned light duty by Medical Board 4/64 to 10/64 . Detailed as guard res. ordnance with 2nd Corps, Army of Northern Virginia 11/64 and 12/64. Present 1/65 and 2/65. Captured 3/2/65 at Waynesboro, VA. Sent to Harpers Ferry, then to Point Lookout, MD 3/12/65. Released on oath 6/20/65. Worked in mines near Mineral, VA. Died 2/2/16. Buried at Cuzco on family farm near Mineral. Five feet 8 inches tall. Dark hair, dark eyes, dark complexion. Photo made 1860.

John Joseph McCargo

Pvt. Co. K

Born 4/4/41 in Charlotte County. Farmer. Enlisted 5/2/61 at Keysville for 1 year. Captured 3/23/62 at Kernstown. Sent Ft. McHenry to Ft. Delaware. Exchanged 8/5/62 at Aikens Landing and rejoined company. Captured again 5/3/63 at Chancellorsville. Sent through Washington, DC to City Point for exchange 5/10/63.  Present all rolls until captured again 5/12/64 at Spotsylvania C.H. Sent 5/20/64 from Belle Plain to Ft. Delaware. Paroled and exchanged 9/14/64. Admitted hospital Petersburg 12/10/64 with ulcerated arm. Transferred Farmville and furloughed to 3/23/65. Rejoined company.  Surrendered and paroled 4/9/65 Appomattox C.H. Died 10/31/17 in Rockingham Co., NC. Buried Calvary Cemetery near Reidsville, NC.



John Barret Pendleton

Sgt. Co. G


Born Louisa County, VA.  Farmer, age 30 at time of enlistment.  Lived at "The Hermitage" in Louisa Co. and is buried there.  KIA Laurel Hill (West) Virginia 7/1/61.

John J. Roberts

Pvt. Co. C


The military records extant for Pvt. Roberts only tell us that he was in a hospital in Winchester in July 1864, where his left leg was amputated. The photograph tells us that he volunteered early in the war, as he wears an early-issue frock coat. The many years of hardship endured by this soldier are not documented. Buried 1897 in family cemetery in Painesville, Amelia County, VA.

Robert David Hill

Pvt. Co. A


Born about 1843. Enlisted 5/5/61 at Thompson's Cross Roads, Louisa County for 1 year. Absent sick 5 through 6/62. AWOL 8/31/62-12/20/62. Pay reduced by courts martial 2/63. Captured 7/3/63 Gettysburg. Sent 7/63 from Ft. McHenry to Ft. Delaware. Transferred 10/26/63 to Point Lookout. Exchanged 2/13/65. POW Louisa County. Released on oath 5/15/65. Married May 13, 1871, Louisa Co., VA to Eugenia Standhope Swift (of Louisa Co.) , widow of his older brother, William T. Hill. Became father of two. According to his great granddaughter "He was known as Dave...family story is he was very sick, came home so he wouldn't die, and went back after getting well. He was captured at Gettysburg and was a POW. He said he had to walk back home to Louisa barefooted at the end of the war....He used to attend Memorial Day parades in Richmond with his unit. My mother would go with the family to see him march with the 23rd.  She said at one of these was the first time she had ever seen a balloon.  She was 12 years old when he died, about 1924."



Thomas Garland Waldrop

Pvt. Co. D


Born 12/7/34. Enlisted 8/1/62 at Mechanicsville, VA for 1 year. Present every roll until surrendered and paroled at Appomattox 4/9/65. Died 6/10/13. Pvt. Steven L. Crew of Co. D applied to the U.D.C. for the Southern Cross of Honor. In that application, he states, "I stayed in the service until the surrender, and was the only man of the rank and file left in the 23rd VA [Co. D] except G. (sic) G. Waldrop of Mechanicsville who was on the skirmish line - all others either wounded, captured, or gone home.

William Creath McKay

Pvt. Co. K


Born 10/22/45 in Nottoway County, VA. Enlisted 5/21/62 at Keysville for 1 year. Sick at Monterey, Highland County, VA 8/61. Wounded 8/9/62 at Cedar Mountain. Absent through muster 2/63. Captured 7/3/63 at Gettysburg, probably at Culp's Hill. Sent from Ft. McHenry to Ft. Delaware. Transferred to Point Lookout 10/27/63. Exchanged 2/15/65. On roll of exchanged POW's 2/21/65 at Camp Lee, Richmond. Reenlisted for war. Paroled 4/20/65 at Burkeville, VA. In 1927 he and William D. Foster, also a member of Co. K, were featured in The Farmville Herald as the "Last Surviving Members of Co. K." William C. McKay was affectionately know as Capt. McKay, although there is no known evidence that his rank was ever higher than private. According to the article, he claimed to have "fought in every battle which Jackson was engaged" and that the "recollection of Jackson's death is peculiarly vivid." The article says he was not quite 16 when he muster in. Married Mary Susan Johnson of Lunenburg County and had two sons, Stanley B. McKay and Richard Walter McKay. His father, George B. McKay, volunteered for the Lunenburg Heavy Artillery, despite his age. William died in 1931.

William D. Foster (left)

Pvt. Co. K


Enlisted 5/2/61 at Keysville for 1 year. Absent sick at Winchester, Battletown, VA 11/61 to 2/62. Severely wounded 9/17/62 at Sharpsburg (Antietam), MD. Thereafter in hospitals in Richmond and Farmville and at home on leave until retired to Invalid Corps 11/25/64. Photograph of Privates Foster and McKay published in 1927 in the Farmville Herald. Private Foster ultimately survived compatriot McKay.



 Spotswood Paul Johnson

Pvt. Co. F


Born 1824. Married Trace Penelope Cragwall 12/22/49 in Goochland County, VA. He paid a marriage bond of $150.00 to the Commonwealth of Virginia as she was only 17. Settled in Crozier, Goochland Co. and fathered two sons and a daughter. Enlisted 5/20/61 at Manakin, Goochland County for 1 year. Reenlisted 12/61 for 3 years. In desertion 5/6/62 through 12/62 . Captured Culp's Hill 7/63 and sent to Ft. Delaware. Died 1/19/64 from fluid in lungs and buried at Pea Patch Island. Later reburied at Fort Delaware, New Jersey due to flooding of the Delaware River. Buried Finns Point National Cemetery. Presently there is a large monument at the cemetery with the names of prisoners that were buried in the trench. The names amount to two thousand, more or less.

Lewis Cole McGehee

Pvt. Co. G


Born 7/23/25. Enlisted 3/10/62 at Tolersville (Mineral) Louisa County for war. Detailed pioneer duty 1/63 through 2/64. Wounded 9/14/64 at Winchester. Paroled Ashland, Virginia 5/2/65.


John Morton Booker

Corp. Co. I


Born about 1837 in Charlotte Co., VA to Lucy Ann Morton and James M. Booker. Moved to Prince Edward County with family. Attended Hampden-Sydney College and became a teacher. Enlisted 5/21/61 at Prince Edward C. H. for 1 year. Reenlisted, on furlough 30 days to 3/24/62. KIA age 25 years and 2 months, Sharpsburg (J. H. Grove Farm) 9/17/62. Never married.


Possibly Horace J. Booker

Pvt. Prince Edward Central Guards


The book Even More Confederate Faces identifies this soldier as the brother of John Booker (left). Their eyes would suggest they are in fact related, but his name can't be verified. The census records tell us that John had two younger brothers, one of whom would have become of military age during the war. The letters "CG" on the kepi, as on John's kepi, and the militia/early war frock coat, tell us he was in the Central Guards of Prince Edward County, the militia company which became Co. I of the 23rd. The photographic props (pistol, belt, and knife) suggest the photo was taken at the same studio as John's photo, perhaps at a pre-war militia muster in Farmville. However, Horace J. Booker served in Company I of the 56th Virginia, a company from the county of John's birth, neighboring Charlotte County. John's brother Horace was about 17 in 1861. Therefore, we believe it is possible that Horace was a member of the pre-war militia company with his brother, but was underage at the time of his brother's enlistment, so later enlisted in the 56th VA. Horace survived the war. His brother John did not. Is the photo above that of Horace?


Pvt. Prince Edward Central Guards


The book Even More Confederate Faces identifies this soldier as a member of the Central Guards of Prince Edward County, which became Company I of the 23rd VA. The frock coat is that of this pre-war militia company. The photographic props suggest the photo was taken at the same studio as the two photos to the left. That this soldier served in the Prince Edward Central Guards is probable. That he served in the 23rd VA is possible. His identity is known but to God. 


 William F. Harrison

Capt. Co. F


Born 11/26/25 in Powhatan Co., VA. Married Marie Louise Cosby and moved to Goochland County, VA. Father of 3 daughters before the war. Enlisted 5/20/61 at Manakin, Goochland County for 1 year. Organized Company F and elected Captain. Wounded slightly at Laurel Hill 7/7/61. Present with company until dropped from commissioned officers rolls 4/21/62 and replaced by his Lieutenant, probably because he was not re-elected captain by his men. Returned home for several months then enlisted as a private in Co. B 31st Battalion Virginia Cavalry, which became Co. B 24th VA Cavalry. In 1864 was appointed 4th Corporal and was elected Capt. of Co. B 3/65. Captured Saylor's Creek 4/6/65 and sent to Johnson's Island, Ohio. Released 6/18/65. Returned home and fathered 2 more daughters. Wife Maria died 1873. Moved to Manchester (south Richmond) with his 5 daughters. Died 10/8/96.

William G. Dalby

2nd Lt. Co. B


Enlisted in the Jetersville Grays 5/16/61 at Jetersville, Amelia County, VA. This unit was formed as a local volunteer company the day John Brown was hanged at Charles Town. A physician by profession. Fell ill during the Western Virginia Campaign. Detached service 8/61. On sick leave 11-12/61. Resigned for disability 1862. Photograph Courtesy of The Museum of the Confederacy.


William Snead

Pvt. Co. D

with daughter Willie W. Snead


Born in Nelson County 11/24/22. Son of Cary and Mary (Hatter) Snead. Married Sarah Jane Clarke 7/1/46 in Albemarle County. Lived in the Green Springs district of Louisa County on the old Three Chopt Road not far from Zion Cross Roads from the early 1850's until his death on 2/26/05. He was an overseer for  Thomas S. Watson and William Morris before the war and a farmer after the war. Enlisted at Trevilian Station 5/23/61 for 1 year. Present on all rolls until discharged 8/25/62 at Jeffersonville by reason of the Conscription Act due to age. Light complexion, blue eyes, light curly hair, 5 feet 10 inches tall. William's brother Albert enlisted at the same time and served throughout the war, being captured at Spotsylvania CH, imprisoned at Ft. Delaware, and released on oath 6/15/65.

John Justin Foster

Co. A


Born 7/12/26 in Louisa County. Enlisted 5/16/61 at Thompson's Crossroads for 1 year. Absent sick 7-10/61. Reenlisted 2/12/62, on furlough. Appointed drummer for the regiment 6/1/62. AWOL 6/15/64 to 9/1/64. Captured 9/19/64 at Third Winchester. Member UCV. Died 6/19/99.

John Peyton Overton

Pvt. Co. B


Born Amelia County, Virginia. Rail worker in Amelia County in 1860. Enlisted 5/16/61 in Jetersville for 1 year. Reenlisted and furloughed 30 days from 2/11/62. Captured 7/3/63 at Gettysburg. Sent 7/7/63 from Ft. McHenry to Ft. Delaware. On roll dated 10/20/63 of prisoners of war at Ft. Delaware desirous of entering U.S. Service. Joined 3rd Maryland Cavalry and sent from Ft. Delaware 9/22/63. Participated with 3rd Maryland Cavalry in Louisiana. Discharged Vicksburg, MS. After the war, he may have felt he couldn't go back home. He moved to Oxbow/MacFarlan West Virginia and worked on a rail spur to an asphalt mine near Parkersburg. John may have been surrounded in his work in West Virginia by former Confederate Democrats, who refused to swear on his behalf when he repeatedly applied for a Union medical pension due to a condition called Ague. He claimed in those applications to have contracted the condition while serving for the Union in Louisiana. In post-war documents he is listed as a Republican. This may have been to support his post-war claim that he was born in Green County, Kentucky, although pre-war census records indicate he was born in Virginia. According to a descendant, his children never knew he had served in the Federal Army.


Christopher J. Bass,

Sgt. Co. I


Christopher was a teacher. He enlisted 5/21/61 at Prince Edward Courthouse, Virginia for 1 year. In hospital at Staunton and Charlottesville and on sick furlough 9/61 to 4/62. Wounded slightly 5/8/62 at McDowell. Absent sick 7/21/62 until discharged for disability 11/20/62 with chronic rheumatism. Age 30. After his service, he returned to Prince Edward County and continued teaching as one of the community's foremost educators. Christopher was 5'7" tall with blue eyes, red hair, and of fair complexion. Buried in the Presbyterian Church cemetery at Hampden-Sydney College.

John Patterson Fitzgerald

Colonel, Field and Staff


Born 5/15/37 in Nottoway Co., Virginia. Graduated from Hampden-Sydney College and practiced law. Enlisted in Company I 5/21/61 at Prince Edward Courthouse for 1 year. Promoted from 1st Lieutenant to Captain in command of Company I 7/25/61. Furloughed 30 days to 3/26/62. Reelected captain at reorganization 4/21/62. Wounded at Sharpsburg 9/17/62. Detailed as enrolling officer in Nottoway County until promoted to major 6/10/63 on the resignation of A. V. Scott. Promoted to Lt. Colonel 11/27/63 on the death of Lt. Colonel S. T. Walton at Mine Run and commanded the regiment. Captured 5/10/64 at Spotsylvania Courthouse. Sent 5/17/64 from Belle Plain to Ft. Delaware. Transferred as P.O.W. to Hilton Head, SC. Exchanged at Charleston 7/64 and rejoined the regiment. Sent from Shenandoah Valley to Richmond for conscripts 10/64. Commanded regiment to Appomattox where he was surrendered and paroled 4/9/65. After the war, was a trustee of Hampden-Sydney College. Died 6/10/98 in Farmville, Virginia and is buried Westview Cemetery, Farmville.



John E. Major

Pvt. Co. B


John enlisted for 1 year in Co. B, Jetersville Grays, at Jetersville, Amelia County, Virginia 5/16/61. Reenlisted 2/13/62 at Camp Mason. Furloughed 30 days. Wounded and sent to Chimborazo Hospital in Richmond 9/27/62. This suggests that his wound was received at Sharpsburg. Following the battle there, Company B numbered about 10 men present in the regiment. Transferred Amelia Courthouse 12/24/62. Rejoined the company 1/63. Absent on furlough 1-2/64. Captured 10/27/64 near New Market.


The CDV was made by Vannerson & Jones, Richmond, Virginia. Written on the back is,


"Miss Nellie Haw



J E Majors" 


James A. C. Fore

Cpl. Co. K


Born in Charlotte County 4/28/35 to Paul Fore and Paulina Wilkes. James married Mary E. Fowlkes 12/24/56 in Charlotte County. He left his wife and children Edward Fore (born 11/57) and Zulma Fore (born 8/59) and enlisted 5/2/61 at Keysville, Charlotte County, Virginia for 1 year. Sick at Strasburg 11-12/61. Admitted hospital 6/1/62. Promoted to Corporal 8/62. Based on a pay voucher dated 3/63, for his 1862 service he was paid $11.00/month as a private and $12.00/month as a corporal. James transferred to the Staunton Hill Artillery 10/62 and spent the remainder of the War around Wilmington, North Carolina and participated in the Battle of Bentonville. After the war he reared two more children; Lottie Stella Fore (born 2/13/66) and Hattie Fore (born 2/16/69). Mary died 2/10/76, and James remarried to Sallie Harrison Redmond, who was the widow of Benjamin Redmond. Sallie and James had children Linard Fore (born 10/80), Ola Sally Fore (born 1/20/82), and James Donald Fore (born 6/84). Cpl. Fore died in Mecklenburg County, Virginia in 1902.

Simeon Taylor Walton

Lt. Col. Field and Staff


Born 3/2/29 in Prince Edward County to Rev. William M. Walton and Mary William Wooton of Osceola Plantation, Prince Edward Co., VA. Began his formal education in medicine near home under Dr. John Peter Mattauer of Hampden Sydney, VA and graduated in 1849 from Jefferson [Medical] College, Philadelphia, PA. with an M.D. Practiced as a physician at Sandy River Church in Prince Edward Co. before moving to Keysville, VA in 1855. Entered service as 2nd Lt. in Company K at Keysville 5/2/61 for 1 year. Appointed Cpt. in command of Co. K 7/18/61. Because of the great need for surgeons in the Confederate Army hospitals, Dr. Walton was urged to transfer to that branch of service but declined, expressing a preference for service in the field. On furlough 5/62. Wounded 3/23/62 at Kernstown. Elected Maj. during reorganization 4/21/62 and signed roll as commander of regiment. Wounded 9/17/62 at Sharpsburg. Admitted to hospital in Staunton 9/27/62. Wounded again 1/63 near Snicker’s Gap, VA. Very sick during the Battle of Chancellorsville but on the field of battle against doctor’s orders and led the regiment in picking up arms there after the fight. Killed in action 11/27/63 at Payne's Farm, Orange County, VA. near Bartlett’s Mill, located on many 1863/64 maps at current Burr Hill, VA. It was reported that when his body was brought back to camp, a promotion to Brigadier General was waiting for him. Buried Westview Cemetery, Prince Edward Co., VA.

Andrew G. Walton

Pvt. Co. A

Born Louisa Co. 1842 to Frances and Andrew G. Walton, a successful farmer.  Nine brothers and sisters.  Enlisted 3/1/62 at Louisa in Company A, Louisa Rifles, which contained several relatives, including the company commander, Capt. Benjamin J. Walton. Probably caught up with the regiment sometime after March 23, 1862 battle of Kernstown during Jackson's Valley Campaign and at a time when several new recruits are known to have joined the regiment. Died of Pneumonia 7/10/62 at hospital in Staunton. 


George Garland McGehee

Sgt. Co. D


Enlisted 5/23/61 at Trevilian Station for 1 year. Promoted from private to second sergeant 6/62. Wounded at Cedar Mountain 8/9/62. Wounded at Sharpsburg 9/7/62. Absent until muster taken 2/63. Later detailed as a nurse in Howards Grove Hospital, located in Richmond either side of Mechanicsville Turnpike in the vicinity of Q Street, and to Pioneer Corps. Detailed as Enrolling Sergeant in the 8th Congressional District from 7/63 to the end of the war. Paroled in Louisa County 5/15/65. Sgt. McGehee is mentioned in the published memoir of John O. Casler, Four Years in the Stonewall Brigade. Image made May 1861 in Richmond.




Beverly B. Barksdale, Jr.

2nd Lt. Co. E


Enlisted 5/7/61 at at Brooklyn, Halifax County for 1 year. Promoted to 3rd Sgt. 8/61. On sick leave 7-8/61. Reenlisted 2/62. Elected 2nd Lt. at reorganization 4/21/62. Commanded company. On furlough 12/62. Wounded in knee and captured 7/4/63 at Gettysburg. Sent to hospital in Gettysburg. Transferred 7/7/63 to hospital in Baltimore. Sent to Johnson's Island 9/28/63. Transferred to Point Lookout 2/14/64. Paroled and exchanged 4/27/64 at City Point. In hospital in Richmond and Liberty and on furlough. Retired to Invalid Corps 2/2/65. Buried Barksdale family cemetery, Elmo community, Halifax County, VA. 


 William Haymes

Cpt. Co. E


Enlisted 5/7/61 at at Brooklyn, Halifax County for 1 year. Commanded company until captured 7/13/61 at Carrick's Ford. Paroled 7/16/61 in Beverly (W)VA. Sent home. Dropped from roles of commissioned officers at reorganization 4/21/62. Died 1912. Buried in family cemetery, Elmo community, Halifax County, VA. 



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