Application of Steven L. Crew to the United Daughters of the Confederacy for the Southern Cross of Honor




Steven L. Crew

Sgt. Co. D

Born 1838 Ferncliff, Louisa Co. Was a farmer. Married Susan Carter about 1860. Enl. 5/23/61 Trevilian Station. Left as nurse for wounded and captured Sharpsburg. Exchanged prior to 2/63. Surrendered Appomattox. Father to three children. Died 1919 at Crew Farm, Louisa Co. Brother James V. M. Crew of the 23rd who was killed in action at Cedar Mountain 8/8/62.






It is possible that Steven was referring to himself and Private Waldrop as being the only men left in Company D, as the records show that approximately 55 men of the regiment surrendered at Appomattox.