Company A - Louisa Rifles



Andrew G. Walton


Died of pneumonia 10 July 1862



23rd Regiment, Virginia Volunteers.

The "Louisa Rifles" was composed for the most part of men from the vicinity of Thompson's X Roads, and. here they were mustered into service on May 15, 1861. Capt. Andrew J. Richardson was the original captain, to be succeeded by Capt. Benj. J. Walton on November 23, 1863, when the former became major. 

This company was mustered into service at Thompson's X Roads on May 15, 1861, and I have heard they were carried to the railroad in farm wagons, amid much enthusiasm and elation over the prospects of war. They entrained and were sent to Richmond, and then were assigned as Company "A" , 23rd' Virginia Infantry. The following data was taken from notes attached to the old muster rolls showing their movements through the whole theater of the war.

"Since the last muster the company has marched with General Garnett. Camped at Laurel Hill via Martinsburg, in the valley between the Cumberland and Alleghany Mts. Up the South branch of the Potomac River to Monterary, Highland County, thence to McDowell and thence to Pocahontas County, Virginia. Distance 165 miles:"


"Marched from Camp Bartow on Greenbrier River to Camp Mason

near Winchester 160 miles Dec. 1, 1861." __

"On Jan. 1, 1862 to-the Baltimore & Ohio R.R. and thence to Hancock, suffered with cold and hunger. 40 miles. Hancock to Romney, 60 miles. Romney to Winchester, 45 miles."

"This company marched from near Winchester to Harrisonburg to Elk Run Church to camp near Port Republic 100 miles. Skirmishes near Kernstown on the 23rd March 1862 and suffered none from the battle."

"During September and October with the Regiment (23rd) in the Battles of Harpers Ferry and Sharpsburg. First Lt. killed and six men wounded and three missing. Encamped near Martinsburg and Bunker Hill, where spent several days in tearing up the Baltimore and Ohio R.R."

"From Winchester to Guinea Station on the R. F. & P. 106 miles. -At the Battle of Fredericksburg in which the company behaved gallantly."

"During .January and February (1862) camped near Skinkers Creek in Caroline County. On April 29th 1862 moved to Hamiltons Crossing."

"Marched with the Regiment from Hamilton's Crossing to the vicinith of Chancellorsville where they put us in the line of battle. Captured and wounded seven. Moved from U.S. Ford to Hamilton's Crossing and there encamped several days, then marched thru Culpeper to Winchester, to McConnell's Ferry, to Christiansburg, Pa. marching 300 miles."

"Left with the Regiment for Cashtown, Pa. on the 1st of Julv 1863 and reached Gettysburg about 6 p.m. and took position. Engaged in the most desperate battle of the war, losing six officers, two of whom were killed. On the night of July 3rd we moved back to the neighborhood of Gettysburg, where we remained in the line of battle until 8 p.m., when we withdrew and marched to Hagerstown, where we remained in the line of battle. Recrossed the Potomac our army near Martinsburg, (W.) Va. on July 14th. We remained here until the 20th and marched thru Winchester to this place 1st August 1863."

"In camp at Orange-C. H. 14th September, to 17th September. To Mitchels Ford until 8th October picketing. Marched to Barells Ford and Madison C. H. to Bristoe Station in pursuit of General Meade. Recrossing the Rappahannock with the Regiment, to guard train of wagons of iron of torn up railroad. Detached and sent forward with the cavalry brisk skirmishes. Marched 160 miles

"From Brandy Station to Raccoon Ford, engaged in fighting. On 17th in the Battle of Paynes Farm, 4 men wounded, two later died. Marched to Mine Run. Picket duty May 1st. Mortons Ford and took part in the Battle. May 5th left for the Rappahannock, 3 killed and 8 wounded and 14 taken prisoners."

"After Hunter by Lexington, Winchester to within several miles of Washington, fighting at Monacacy, Kernstown, Winchester, Fishers Hill, Cedar Creek, encamped at New Market."

"From New Market to Waynesboro to Richmond and on to Petersburg and thence -to Burgess Mill (where this report was made)."

This was the last entry on the muster rolls. Next come the retreat toward Appomattox, and the companies lost their identity, in many cases only one or two of a company being left at the surrender. The "Louisa Rifles", better known as Company "A" of the Twenty-third Regiment, saw hard service, and conducted - itself with bravery.


The following roster was taken from the photostatic copies of originals to be found in the Archives of the State Library.

Richardson, Andrew J., Captain. May 15, 1861) until Nov. 23, 1863.

Walton, Benjamin F., Lieutenant. May 15, 1861, Capt. Nov. 23, 1863.

Harris, John Zachary, Lieutenant. Died in Richmond about 1915.

Harris, John Overton, Lieutenant. Died July 23, 1861.

Sims, 0. C., Lieutenant. Wounded August 29, 1864.

Rawlings, Peyton J., Lieutenant.

Winston, William A., Lieutenant. Enlisted March 26, 1862 at Louisa.

Wash, Charles B., Sergeant. Killed May 12, 1863 at Chancellorsville.

Farrar, James E., Sergeant. Promoted Lt. Resigned. Died 1897.

Sims, E. Newell, Sergeant. Died Louisa Co. about 1880.

Wash, Edward C., Corporal. Wnded May 8, 1862. Died Louisa 1910.

Sims, W. J., Corporal. Killed in action Sept. 17, 1862.

Gardner, James B., Corporal. Died in Richmond after War.

Foster, S. G., Corporal..

Armstrong, J. W., Private. Enlisted May 15, 1861 Missing Oct. 19, 1864.

Anthony, J. L., Private. -

Baugh, Private. Enlisted March 31, 1862.

Brightwell, W. J., Private. Captured May 12, 1864.

Busic, J. B., Private. Enlisted May 15, 1861.

Bragg, T. B., Private. Enlisted May 15, 1861. _

Carpenter, Jas. P., Private. Wounded Oct. 19, 1864. Died in Louisa.

Carpenter, Caius, Private. Enlisted 1862. Living in Orange 1831.

Christmas, W. Jno., Private. Discharged August 300 1861.

Comins, R. G., Private. Enlisted 1862. -

Campbell, Chas. L., Private. Enlisted 1861. Missing Aug. 13, 1864.

Dials, N. T., Private. Enlisted March 24, 1862.

Duke, John E., Private. Captured May 1864. Comm. Rev. 1931.

Dickersori, Wm. C., Private. Died in Soldier's Home 1931.

Foster, J. P., Private.

Foster, Robert, Private. Enlisted 1862.

Foster, Abner C., Private. Enlisted 1862. Died in Louisa about 1925.

Gentry, W. F., Private. Enlisted 1861. Living in Louisa.

Glass, Verryman L., Private. Enlisted April 19, 1862.

Goodwin, Ach. T., Private. Enlisted 1862. Died 1910.

Grubbs, L. W., Private. -

Harris, Abner N., Private. Died at Cherry Grove, Spottsylvania.

Hope, John, Private. Practised medicine in Louisa after war.

Hill, R. D., Private. Missing after Gettysburg.

Hall, M. D., Private. Enlisted 1862.

Harlow, John J., Private. Enlisted 1862.

Harlow, R. F., Private. Enlisted 1862. Captured May 1864_

Humphrey, M. L., Private. Enlisted 1862.

Harris, Fred M., Private. Enlisted 1862. Died typhoid fever and wound.

Herring, Richard, Private. Moved to Richmond after war.

Herring, Eldridge, Private. Removed to Richmond after war.

Herring, Wm. D., Private. Died at Cherry Hill, Louisa County.

Jones, Andrew E., Private.

Johns, John M., Private.

Jones, Jackson P., Private. Died in Louisa County after the war.

Jones, Yhomas M., Private. Enlisted May 12, 1864.

Jones, Simeon; Private. Enlisted March 1, 1862. Died about 1905.

Jackson,Henry Clay, Private. Died Aug. 31, 1861, in service.

Jennings, Thos. H., Private. Captured May 13, 1862.

Jennings, C. C., Private. Enlisted April 12, 1862.

Johnston, James A., Private. Enlisted March 21, 1862.

Johnston, W. J., Private.-Enlisted April 28, 1862.

Jordan, Dan. M., Private. Enlisted March 28, 1862.

Lacy, Matt C., Private. School teacher for many years in Louisa.

Lea, James F., Private. Enlisted March 31, 1862:

Munroe, Ben, Private. Enlisted March 26, 1862.

Munroe,. Jackson, Private. Enlisted March 26, 1862.

Moore, James, Private. Enlisted Mar. 26, 1862. Wnded May 15, 1862.

Moss, Wm. B., Private. Enliated March 21, 1862.

Moss, James, Private. Enlisted March 21, 1862.

Nunn, John W., Private. Enlisted Mar. 12, 1862. County Surveyor.

Painter,Jackson, Private. Enlisted Mar. 11. 1862.

Parrish, Cromwell, Private. Enlisted March 26, 1862.

Parrish, Chas.-D., Private. Enlisted March 26, 1862.

Parsons, William, Private. Enlisted March 20, 1862.

Richardson, J. W., Private. Enlisted March 26, 1862. Died 1920.

Russell, P. G., Private. .

Richardson, A. J., Private.

Sharpe, John P., Private. Enlisted March 31, 1862.

Sharp,-Shebrick, Private. Enlisted March 1862. Died Nov. 26, 1862.

Quarles, James W., Private.

Sims, P. H., Private.

Sharp, Wm. N., Private.

Smith, Geo. W., Private.

Scruggs, B. E., Private. Captured May 12, 1864.

Spicer, W. R., Private.

Sims, Oliver C., Private.

Talley, E. B., Private.

Thompson, W. J., Private.

Thompson, J.. M., Private.

Turner, Martin C., Private.

Talley, Wm. N., Private. Wounded August 24, 1862.

Thomasson, Chas. J., Private. Lived in Louisa after war.

Thompson, R. C., Private. Enlisted March 14, 1862.

Tate, Chas. T., Private. Enlisted March 24, 1862.

Traynham, M. L., Private. Enlisted March 16, 1862.

Thacker, William, Private. Enlisted March 27, 1862. Captured Sept. 1, 1864. ,

Taylor, Geo. D., Private. Enlisted April 4, 1862 at Staunton.

Vest, William, Private. Enlisted Apri1 30, 1862.

Waddy, James W., Private.

Waddy, Nelson H., Private. Enlisted April 21, 1862. Missing at Gettysburg

Walton, Andrew J., Private. Enlisted March 1, 1862.

Walton, Charles G., Private. Murdered and store burned near Yanceyville.

Watkins, C. N., Private. Killed at Gettysburg. Enlisted March 10,1862.

Webb, Griffin C., Private.

Whitton, James L., Private.

Whitlock, James E., Private. Wounded March 4, 1864.

Winston, Jos.. B.,Private. Enlisted March 31, 1862.

Wright, Richard M., Private. Enlisted March 1, 1862

Wright, Alexander, Private. Enlisted April 30, 1862

Wright, Wm. T., Private: Enlisted April 30, '1862


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