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Early War Impression


The organization being in agreement that the Early War Impression shall represent the typical volunteer soldier of the State of Virginia during the period April,1861-April,1862, the following guidelines are approved as of January 01, 1998 and shall become effective on January 01, 1998. Any clothing or equipment item not specificly listed here, falls under the regulation of the Confederate Military Impression.


I.  Frock Coats - Militia coat or variant consisting of:

A)  Fabric - Woolen jeans material, cog gray in color (selected by the committee).

B)  Lining - Black with white osnaburg sleeves.

C)  Collar - Stand-up type, 1-3/4 inches high with radius ends. The perimeter (top, front, and bottom) is to be trimmed in black cotton, 1/4 to 3/8 inches wide.

C)  Buttons - There shall be a nine button front and four buttons on the tail of 7/8 inch size. Two cuff size buttons of 3/8 inch size shall be on each non-functional cuff. All buttons shall be two-piece, Virginia State Seal brass buttons.

E)  Stitching - All inside stitching is to be done by machine with unbleached white cotton thread. Buttonholes and top stitching along the button line and around the cuffs are to be hand stitched with unbleached white or gray cotton or cotton covered polyester top stitch button hole thread. Bottom edge shall be hemmed.

II.  Jacket - Richmond Depot pattern as defined by Mr. Les Jensen as the "Type I" pattern:

A)  Fabric- Gray woolen jeans. Color may range from light to medium gray or may be of a brownish caste of gray. Collar, cuffs, and epaulettes shall be of same color and fabric as the body. Collar, cuffs and epaulettes should be trimmed in black cotton piping.

B)  Buttons- Two Piece Stamped Brass of one of three patterns:

1) Confederate Block "I"

2) Federal "Eagle" general service

3) Federal "Eagle" with Infantry "I" in shield

4) Epaulette buttons- of same style as above or plain except in cuff size.

C)  Lining- Fabric shall be unbleached cotton osnaburg throughout. One inside pocket in the left breast shall be sewn into or onto the lining.

D)  Collar- Shall be from 1-1/8 to 1-5/8 inches -in height.

E)  Epaulettes- Shall be 1-5/8 inches wide and extend from the shoulder seam to within 1/4 inch of the collar or 1-5/8 inches wide ending in a 5/8 inch radius.

F)  Belt Loops- Shall be 7/8 inch wide and 3-1/4 inches long and shall be stitched over or just behind the side seam of the jacket. Without buttons.

G)  Stitching- All stitching to be done by hand or machine with unbleached cotton thread. Button holes and topstitching along the button line and around the cuffs are to be hand stitched with unbleached white cotton topstitch and button hole thread.

III.  Hats:

In addition to the hat styles listed in the Confederate Military Impression, militia caps (both high and low crown) are authroized.

IV.  Waist belt:

In addition to the styles listed in the Confederate Military Impression, canvas webbing may be substituted for leather.

V.  Cartridge box sling:

In addition to the styles listed in the Confederate Military Impression, canvas web slings may be used. They shall hall be of natural colored webbing. The belt should be from 1-7/8 inches to 2-1/4 inches wide of a length so that the cartridge box rests on the hip just below the waist belt. The belt shall have a leather billet at each end.

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