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Suggested Reading for Kids
Hunter Jones Joins the Civil War by Jinx Olson www.HunterJones.Info This is an exciting adventure story aimed at capturing the imagination of the next generation of Civil War historians, the future keepers of the flame. This new Hunter Jones book is the first in a trilogy. Hunter Jones is a 12 year-old orphan who accidentally gets sucked up into the Civil War. He and his story are fictional but the Civil War details and facts are historical correct. Through his eyes we get to see many of the first in the Civil War that took place west of the Mississippi - the first battle of the war, the first General to die, the first use of instant messaging (telegraph) in a war, the first use of metal hulled ships (ironsides), the first battle Ulysses S. Grant fought (and lost?), plus other first and events: The Capture of Camp Jackson, The St. Louis Massacre, The Boonville Races, the rout of the Union forces at Carthage and Wilson's Creek.
Ghosts at Gettysburg by Lloyd S. Wagner www.chupacabrasbook.com Ghosts at Gettysburg is the third in a series of educational mystery/adventures for young readers. This book uses Gettysburg’s abundant ghost tales as the hook to draw its readers into the story of the battle. In it, the mother and daughter get drawn into the ghost tales while the sons are guest participants in a re-enactment. The younger son, ten-year-old Tommy Jr., is made a drummer boy with a Confederate unit.
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